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Download All of Your Apple Music to iPhone

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • At the very top, select File, choose New, and click Smart Playlist.
  • Leave Match checked and Music selected.
  • Select Time from the second drop down box and Is Greater Than in the second.
  • Type 00:00; that way all your songs will be included since they are all longer than zero seconds.
  • Make sure Limit to is unchecked.
  • Check Live Updating so that new songs added to your iCloud Music Library are downloaded too.
  • Give the playlist a name such as All Music.
  • Now, since you have iCloud Music Library enabled on your computer and iPhone, grab your iPhone and open the Music app.
  • Tap My Library. Select Playlists. And choose the playlist you just created in iTunes.
  • Tap the cloud icon with a downward arrow that’s next to the album art at the top of your playlist. All of your music will begin to download.
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